Chris and Alyssa Murphy

Associate Pastor

Born again at the tender age of twelve, Chris Murphy has been involved in Christian ministry at some level since he was fourteen-years-old. That was his age when he brought his very first sermon to the very patient congregation at Pinehurst Baptist Church in Pinehurst, Texas. As he tells it, ‘the sermon was fifteen minutes long – the shortest sermon I’ve ever preached – and I preached the entire thing to my Bible because I was terrified of the congregation.” In the 35 years since that first message, his sermons may have improved in both length and content, but he admits there are many times that he still feels like that fourteen-year-old boy when he stands in the pulpit.

Chris has served as Senior Pastor in several churches in the greater Houston area as well as serving as Youth Pastor, Worship Leader, Associate Pastor, and various other ministry positions throughout his lifetime. He has been honored and privileged to serve Cypress Fellowship as Associate Pastor for the last seven years.