You will find the members (youth and adults!) of Cypress Fellowship at work in many areas of our community!

  • Serving the homeless during the holidays at the George R. Brown Convention Center.
  • Bowling with UCP (United Cerebral Palsey Organization) – Assisting Patients with Cerebral Palsey
  • Boys & Girls Country Volunteer Participation
  • Special Needs Home Volunteering
  • St. Jude Children’s Hospital – Making necessity kits!
  • Volunteering at Local Community Festivals and Events
  • Serving teachers at a school staff luncheon
Reaching people starts at home! Cypress Fellowship is now thirteen years old!  If you were to ask us how we measure our success, our answer would be:  “By the number of people we are able to lead to Jesus Christ”.  Our ultimate objective is to present the Gospel and then see that those that accept Him grow in faith.
We have had the opportunity to help start a Cowboy Church here in Cypress! We are glad to be a part of this effort.  After months of planning and preparation, the first service was held in January 2010.  As of January 2013, the church is going strong in number and in faith!  We know that God will continue to use this ministry to reach many people for Him!
 We are now a Church Partner with the Texas CSA! Through this program, we are able to offer opportunities for Christian Singers/Songwriters to share their gifts with our community! Here is some information about the organization: “Our mission is to promote faith-based songwriting and to increase the awareness of the gifted and anointed songwriters in Texas to churches, artists,venues, labels, and the general public, to mentor and guide new songwriters in the art of song crafting through workshops and competition, and to promote fellowship between Christian songwriters, artists, and publishers to further the Kingdom of God and His perfect plan for His children.” (taken from
 Our support helped the North American Mission Board send out 5,081 missionaries last year and help start over 1,700 new churches. Approximately 415,000 people were baptized last year as a result of our giving!