Xplode Student Ministry offers activities for students in JR High and High School here in Cypress, Texas! The goal is to give teens a place to grow together in fellowship and God's word. We look out for each other, we cheer each other on and we love each other through some of the hardest times.

The XPLOSION starts here, where will you be?

Xplode Weekly Gathering

Bible Study for 6th through 12th grades. Wednesdays from 5pm to 8:30pm, service starts at 7:00pm. Located in the Auditorium at Cypress Fellowship.

Xplode Activities

Watch our facebook page and church calendar for information on activities like Gaga Ball, Extreme Frisbee, Summer and Winter Camps.

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New Mexico 2019

Just a few highlights from camp! 

Video created by one of our students Caitlyne Nguyen 

Student Testimonials from Camp 2019

"I had started to break down a barrier that prevented me from accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior."

"This trip has been very eye opening. I have made a rededication to Christ and I want to live the rest of my life for the Lord. I wish to use my gifts and talents for Christ. I hope to keep to my plan and study the bible to help encourage me and feed my soul."

"One thing I got out of camp was a reminder not to keep my sins/secrets to myself and to have my heart opened to my church family and God so that I can be restored and not have to lift the load by myself and just simply hand it over to God. I also was reminded that God designed me in a very specific and unique way so I shouldn't put myself down or listen to the world's standards of "beauty"

 "Mrs Jennifer told us to write something about this week so I'm gonna do it. I rededicated my life to Jesus. I wasn't strong in my faith and I needed that. I had been searching for a love that only Jesus could give ..." 

"What I learned while I was at camp for this week was that I am not alone and that I don't have to earn the unconditional love that God gives me it's already given when I started following Him! Now I have to truly believe it and live up to it and surrender my life to Him truthfully and be saved! I also found my new favorite verse Isaiah 59:2 It spoke out to me because it said that sin hides our true self from God and that it separates us from Him! So no matter how many times I cry out I have to commit to no sin cause my crying out is being covered up from my sin as it says in Isaiah 59:2


"But your iniquities have separated you from your God; And your sins have hidden His face from you,

So that He will not hear."

"what did i get from camp? ...I got the message of forgiveness and repentance. I got a reminder that no matter how far gone I think I am , God will always forgive me."

"this camp has opened my eyes to how much God loves me and what He's done for me. I have been a Christian since I was little so I would go to church every Sunday and Wednesday.  Whenever someone would ask if I'm religious I would respond with "I'm Christian" I help out at VBS and I go to church camps. I pray every night but I still felt like something was missing. Going to camp I was upset that I wouldn't be with my church family as much as I thought but getting away from my daily life made me open and honest about my faith and relationship with the Lord. As one of the songs says I go through the motions and my relationship with the Lord felt not genuine. Now as I rededicated my life to Christ I'm going to take what I learned about how to be a better Christian and apply it to my daily life."

"One thing I got out of camp is that we are all broken at one point and we need to have our family (church fam) and we can be restored..."

"I gave my life to God and I really enjoyed the worship it was really good."

"This camp brought me to realize how important it is to read your bible and draw closer to God."

"Making Godly friends isn't that hard."

 "I got to make new friendships with people that I didn't think I liked." 

"At camp this year I feel it really helped emphasize to me how much I really need Jesus in my life Throughout the camp I realized how much stronger my faith and trust in God could be and how much more I need to be in the Word of God. Before camp I was struggling making time to talk to God and to read the Bible but through the camp I realized I want to prioritize my relationship and walk with God through discipleship and talking to Him more, getting more into His word in order to see what God's path is for me."

"Camp made me see I'm not alone in my battles. that no matter how far I think I've strayed from God it's never too far to return to Him. It made me realize that my story IS impactful and is not just a story to tell people. I found my calling to share the gospel. I've grown friendships and bonded with people I didn't think I would. I tried new things. I got out of my comfort zone and I realized just because I may be at the lowest of my faith, it doesn't make me lesser than the person who is at their highest."