We know that searching for a church can be difficult. There are many options and it is hard sometimes to get all of what you are looking for in one place. If I were to give you some advice, I would tell you that it’s best to follow the leading of the Lord. Pray about it and seek His will for your family. He will place you with the right church family and it will be a place in need of your unique gifts and talents!  We hope that we get the opportunity to meet you! Our church is casual, so dress comfortably.

If you need information on Accepting Jesus as your Savior, Baptism, Membership, or any else, feel free to email us at info@cypressfellowship.org. We look forward to talking to you!  

Pastor David

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I grew up in Bloomburg, Texas, a small town in the northeast part of the state. I was one of those kids that seemed to always be able to find trouble or it was able to find me! I know now that I was only searching for a purpose and meaning to life. In 1986 I met the sweetest and prettiest girl that I had ever seen and, in August of 1988, we were married. Tami was a preacher’s kid who had a love for God. She started taking me to church while we were still dating (I had no choice if I was going to date her). God began to work on my heart in September of that same year, I accepted Christ. At that moment, I experienced forgiveness for the first time and my life changed.

In February of 1989, while attending a Missions Conference, I felt God’s call to preach. I knew that God had a good plan for my life. That fall, we started Seminary and within a year I took my first pastorate. It has been almost three decades since that night I accepted Christ. This life has not been a bed of roses but God has always brought us through the struggles of life. We served a brief term as missionaries to Romania in the early 90’s and the rest of our ministry has been in the pastorate here in Texas. God has blessed this ministry and I believe that it is because we have a heart for the lost and hurting. It seems that God has always used us to reach out to the broken and battered in order to help people find forgiveness and hope.

Cypress Fellowship is a result of the plan that God Himself set in motion years ago. We started the church in 2002, in a school in the Cy-Fair district with just a few families. Today, we average around 250 in our services and we’re growing! We know that there are people all around us who are searching for something better; trying to find something that they don’t have now. Jesus is the only thing that can fill that void in our lives. Together we can make a difference that will last an eternity. This is a church full of people who have found forgiveness and the real meaning to life. We’re not perfect, we just know that Jesus is the answer, regardless of the problem.

We have been blessed with a wonderful family and a great church to call home. I am a member of the Christian Motorcycle Association, the Patriot Guard, and enjoy riding my bike. God has been good to me and I know that I owe everything to Him. We are not seeking perfection, we are just seeking Christ because we know that in Him we can be every thing that we were meant to be.