Deeper Than A Pocket

By Jennifer Ramirez l Student Ministry Leader

One of my fondest memories has to be when I was able to serve the Mondoukou Orphanage in Ivory Coast Africa that Cypress Fellowship supports. The joy of serving these girls is unimaginable. They each have a story to share and a testimony that will no doubt one day be used for God’s kingdom. I remember every detail as if it was yesterday! Their laughter, their attempts to speak English, their playfulness and their ability to take very little and make it into something great. They washed their clothes by hand, carried water (on their heads) from the nearby well, and weren’t at all picky about where they sat to eat.

Overall, one of the most memorable events has to be the church service! The worship, the dancing, and the joy that radiated through that building was nothing short of amazing. They were filled with excitement the entire service. But what brought me into a state of shock the most was when it was time to take up the offering. The girls and many others from around the orphanage came to the services and during this time they had the offering plate in front of the church right in the center. The songs continued as each one joyfully danced and praised around the offering plate while giving the very little they had with them. This gave a whole new meaning to me in regards to the “cheerful giver”. To see those who had very little give so much made me realize how much I had and how little I gave. Having the heart to give goes much deeper than our pockets and giving goes much further than the plate. In this short time I realized that the giving had reached deep into Africa and far enough to touch the heart of these orphans. So with every cent that’s placed in honor of our King, just remember that somebody, somewhere, could be hearing the gospel for the very first time. Though we may not have much alone, together we can reach the ends of the earth.


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    Darlene Smith says

    This truly touched my heart.

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