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A Heart To Give

By Jaime Ramirez I Student Ministry Pastor

It was a cool morning on April 1989. My home country of El Salvador was in the middle of a civil war and I can still remember the sounds of bullets flying. My mother woke me up to go to church, and tells me to go get a few coins she was saving up. All I could think was, “I don’t understand. Why do we have to go to church? Why do we have to risk our lives? Why do we have to walk two hours?” But what bothers me the most is “Why do we have to take the only little bit of savings we had and give it to them?”

As we walk I’m scared and I’m trying to understand why we’re doing this. We get to church and I know it’s going to be an all-day event. People arrive from different places; some have eggs, some bring bread, and everybody seems happy to be there. Happy to bring the little bit that they have and give it as an offering. After all three services, everybody stays and cleans the church and leaves it ready for next week. On our way back, I can’t help but ask my mom why?

She answers, “I don’t know much, I don’t even know how to read but I know one thing: In God I found forgiveness, peace and hope, and when I decided to let Him be my Savior, I surrendered my heart to Him and if I trust Him with my Heart that means I’ve trusted Him with all I’ve got and that includes my kids, my savings my all”. I didn’t understand it then but I do now.

Today, I’m not in a third world country, and there is no civil war and I wonder if I have surrendered my heart to God like my mother did. Have you surrendered your heart to the point that nothing you possess matters because your all belongs to Him? Do you have a heart to give or are you just on the receiving end?

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